Please follow these instructions to give flowers a longer life:
Flowers on average last from 5 to 10 days depending on THE TYPE and surrounding conditions.

  • Place flowers indoors, away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling fans.
  • Please don’t place flowers on top of televisions or radiators.
  • Keep flowers in a cool spot (65°F to 72°F)
  • Flowers are based on wet foam: please add 2oz of water every other day from the middle into the base of the box.


The roses keep their softness and vibrant color by this method. It will look as a precious piece or a luxurious decoration in your home. It has no special maintenance and no watering is required. However, it must be kept away from the excessive sunshine, heat and humidity as these factors are shortening the preserved roses’ lifespan.

  • Do not remove flowers from their box they are very comfortable there.
  • Do not water.
  • Avoid high humidity and direct sunlight as it may cause color to fade. 
  • Occasional gentle dusting off may be required.